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3Dpart & Intamsys | Industrial 3D-Prints | Intamsys 3D printers & materials

3DPart & Intamsys collaborate with rapid prototyping in most industries!

As hobbyists, entrepreneurs and industries transition and use 3D technology to secure their local production, we help you along the way.

New updates in additive manufacturing come daily with technological advances and innovations that place demands on us as manufacturers and suppliers.

The people in the picture are:

  • Intamsys EEMEA Manager (Left)
  • Rickard at 3Dpart.se (middle)
  • CEO, founder of Intamsys on the right

We help you with prototype manufacturing & production

Do you have a need to secure your local production or are you an entrepreneur and need to test your idea through interactive prototype manufacturing?
We at 3Dpart help you with the entire flow, everything from idea, design proposal and CAD (create your 3D file)

No product manufacturing is too small:

  • We help you from the 1st unit to mass production
  • If necessary, we participate in your development team with the product development for adaptation of the chosen manufacturing method.


200+ 3D printed parts on the racing car

Intamsys Industrial 3D Printer - Wide
material support

Intamsys' line of industrial 3D printers enable the manufacturing of geometries that were previously not possible. If necessary, we are here with our technical know-how to help you further in your project and secure your production, with you or with our help!

Intamsys machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that offers outstanding precision and reliability. Among the various materials they handle, two materials stand out in particular: PEEK and PEI9085.

Today the following machines are available

  • Intamsys Funmat HT (Enhanced) | Desktop PEEK printer
  • Intamsys PRO310 - Premium IDEX printer for PC, PC, ABS etc
  • Intamsys PRO410 - Dual extruder PEEK printer
  • Intamsys PRO 610 - Large format PEEK printer, see printer in the picture to the right

If you want to know more, call or email us today!

More about modern Ultra-Polymer materials

PEEK: Known for its exceptional thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a high performance polymer. The Intamsys printers skillfully utilize the potential of PEEK and allow the production of components that withstand extremely demanding conditions, making them ideal for aerospace, automotive and medical applications.

PEI9085: Another outstanding material is Ultem PEI9085, which excels in strength, stiffness and resistance to high temperatures. This engineering grade thermoplastic is used in the creation of robust parts suitable for demanding environments such as automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Sponsorship and Racing: Fuel for Tomorrow's Innovators

Intamsys collaborates and sponsors students who are involved in racing. On the racing car in the picture, there are over 200 3D printed parts created on Intamsys machines. By sponsoring these projects, Intamsys gives students and aspiring engineers and racing drivers access to state-of-the-art technology, enabling students to explore the boundaries of design and engineering.

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