Collection: Industrial 3D Printers

High Performance Industrial FDM 3D Printers required for 3d Printing that requires exceptional performance. Another term for these filaments is "Ultra-Polymers". In many applications, they can replace parts made of metal.

Examples of filaments that industrial 3D printers can handle are PEEK, PEI, PEKK, PPSU, PA12-CF and more.

Other information:
- For 3D printing with Ultra-Polymers, previous experience with 3D printing is recommended, alternatively you book a training course with us.

What distinguishes an industrial 3D printer from others is:
- Enclosed building space
- The chamber of the building space is constant and heated
- The construction platform can handle higher temperatures
- The 3D printer's nozzle and hotend can withstand temperatures of over 400C.

Intamsys, flashforge, creatbot make affordable industrial 3D printers