Collection: ESD Safe filament for industry and production is the perfect solution for 3D printing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing needs. Our ESD secured industrial filament provides robust static protection and is designed for use in critical applications that require protection against electrostatic discharge.

Guaranteed ESD protection

Our industrial ESD safe filament is an advanced blend and designed with cutting edge multi-path nanotube technology. Our ESD safe 3d filaments provide guaranteed protection against electrostatic discharge in the most critical applications. From control systems to electronics, cases to boxes, our filaments will keep your projects safe and sound no matter what. The filaments have a resistance of : 10^7 to 10^9 Ohm. 

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing

Our 3sd 3d printer filaments are also suitable for rapid prototyping and manufacturing projects. With our high-quality filaments, you can quickly get accurate prints without sacrificing quality or accuracy - making your job easier, faster and more cost-effective!

Superior quality and durability

We only supply the best materials, guaranteeing superior quality filament every time. Our filaments are designed with durability in mind - so you can trust them to hold up to even the toughest projects!

Popular to use for 3D printing to

  • control system
  • electronics
  • Various cases and boxes
  • Contacts
  • ESD Tools etc

For example, Tesla Motors uses 3DXTech PETG ESD filament in its cars!
We stock ESD filaments of, for example, ESD PETG, ESD PLA, ESD ABS, ESD PEI Ultem, ESD PEEK, etc.