Collection: Components

We have the electronics components for your DIY electronics needs. From components to logic gates and from resistor kits to I2C - we have everything to make your project perfect.

Components you need has a large selection of components for electric tops, so you can create exactly the project you have in mind. We offer everything from Arduino Uno R3 microcontrollers to resistors and logic gates.

Logic gates

Our logic gate products are designed to provide more control over your circuit designs. Combine them with our other components to create complex and powerful electrical systems.

Learn programming easily

If you are new to programming or just want to refresh your skills, arduino programming with sensors, shields and components is the best and most fun way!

The perfect parts for your projects

Our components are designed to be used in conjunction with other components, making them perfect for any project you're working on. Whether it's an Arduino Uno R3 or another microcontroller, we have what you need for a successful project every time!