Collection: Building platforms for 3D printers

Make printing a breeze with our extensive selection of 3D printing supplies, tools and spare parts. See our range of build platforms that are easy to use and provide an excellent 3D printing experience.

Build platforms for each filament

Whether you use PLA, ABS or any other filament, we have the right build platform for each material. Our range of build surfaces includes glass sheets, build roofs and self-adhesive sheets to help you get the most out of your 3D prints.

Build platforms and sheets

The 3D printer's build platform is an important part for you to make the model stay put during all your 3D printings. Different filaments adhere better to certain types of platforms.
We help you increase the number of successful 3d prints with our range of different build surfaces, ranging from glass plates, PEI sheets and magnetic build platforms.

Choose between:

  • Glass building platforms
  • Ceramic build platforms
  • Flexible & bendable construction platforms
  • Building roof
  • Accessories for 3D printer build platform