Collection: Flexible Filamet (TPU)

Flexible filaments for 3D printing based on TPE/TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), prints in TPU are very strong.
We stock various hardnesses such as 85,95,98 from well-known manufacturers such as 3DXtech, Fiberlogy, Anet3d, Azurefilm etc.

Advantages of TPU

  • Bendable filament
  • High cohesion between the layers printed.
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • High impact resistance, for protection, spare parts etc. in workshops

TPU can be used for example

  • Gaskets
  • Cases and casings, for example mobile phone cases
  • Toys, and wheels for RC Cars etc

For prints with flexible material, we recommend a 3D printer with a so-called "Direct Drive" extruder. That is, where the 3D printer's filament feed is connected to the hotend/nozzle.