Collection: TPU Filament (Flexible)

Create 3D prints with the most flexible and bendable material you can find! Our TPU filament gives you the freedom to make complex shapes, delicate details and intricate patterns that are impossible with other 3D printing materials.

Unmatched flexibility and strength

Our TPU filament offers superior flexibility and strength compared to many other 3D printing materials. With its unique properties, it can make complex shapes, small details and intricate patterns that are impossible with other materials.

Wide range of hardnesses

We offer a wide range of flexible filament hardness levels such as 85, 95 and 98 from well-known manufacturers such as Fiberlogy, Azurefilm Anet. This ensures that your prints are always of the highest quality. Fiberlogy 40D TPU 3D printer filament is one of our top sellers, it is very easy to print with compared to other TPU filaments

TPU 3D filament is based on TPE/TPU plastic (Thermoplastic polyurethane),

Advantages of TPU

  • Bendable filament
  • High cohesion between the layers printed.
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • High impact resistance, for protection, spare parts etc. in workshops

TPU can be used for example

  • Gaskets
  • Cases and casings, for example mobile phone cases
  • Toys, and wheels for RC Cars etc

3D Printer Hardware - Recommendation

For 3D printing in flexible material, we recommend a 3D printer with a "Direct Drive" extruder. That is, where the 3D printer's filament feed is connected to the hotend/nozzle.