Collection: UV Resin for Resin 3D printers

Discover the perfect 3D printing resin for your next project at! With a range of high-quality standard resins specially developed for SLS - LCD and DLP resin 3D printers, you can achieve breathtaking printing results with minimal cost and effort.

High-quality materials for unbeatable printing results

Our standard resin is designed to fit most types of LCD/LED resin printers and offers a cost-effective solution to achieve professional results you'll love. By using high quality materials, shrinkage is reduced and stability is improved, meaning your prints last longer!

Unlock new possibilities with UV resin

With our UV resin, you can print intricate models with detailed features that were not possible before. This type of liquid resin is perfect for creating beautiful jewelry, figurines, miniatures and more - all in one easy-to-use package! Make professional 3D models and resin art easily and smoothly!

Save time and money with SLS Resin

Our SLS printer Resin is an inexpensive alternative to traditional 3D printing methods that offers superior results in less time. With this type of resin, you can print large-scale models faster than ever before. With some SLS 3D printers, 1-2 seconds of uv exposure per layer is enough!

We have fast deliveries of many different resin resin materials! We stock SLS plastic for 3D printers from ELEGOO, ESUN and more.. There are several choices to make, for example PLA, PLA Pro, Standard, Hard-tough, water-washable UV resin etc.