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3D Education

3D Education


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We offer training in 3dprinting, IT and arduino. Contact us if interested

Contact us for a quote

3D-Printers we work with

Examples of printers we repair.
FDM Desktop printers.
Creality3D - All models
Anycubic - All Models
Artillery3d - All models
Flashforge - Most models
Mixware bot
PrusaI3 - MK3S+/MK3/MK2
Prusa3D - MMU2S
Sunlu S8 Models
Qiditech - most models
Anet - Most models
Colido - Most models

Industrial/High-end printers
Form bot
Createbot D600
Createbot F430
Creatbot all DX models
Raise3d - Most models
Maker bot
Intamsys Funmat

Lead time

Lead time for repairs depends on model and availability of spare parts.

Contact us today with error description and pictures/video

- Send or leave printers with us
- On-site visit, delivery fee is added

Service agreement

If necessary, contact us to book recurring service and maintenance of your 3D printers

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