Collection: Building kits is the perfect place to explore your inner creator. With our wide range of Arduino, electronics and robotics kits, you can get inspired and create amazing projects!

Unlock your creativity

Our Arduino Uno Starter Kit is the perfect way to start exploring the world of electronics and programming. With it you can build DIY prototypes, learn programming and even create your own watering system.

Build robots and more!

We also offer robot kits that contain everything you need to build a robot with up to 4 servos. And if you want something more advanced, you can even build a radio controlled slide or a DIY metal detector!

DIY projects at hand

From self-watering systems for plants to building your own metal detector, provides everything you need to do it

Discover endless possibilities

With our various building kits, you will be able to discover endless possibilities in electronics and robotics. Our simple instructions will help you quickly get started with your own projects.

Choose from different building kits

We offer a variety of kits including Arduino Uno Starter Kits, Arduino Kits, Electronics Kits and Robot Putty — so you can easily find the one that best suits your needs.

NOTE: Our kits can be used with or without a microcontroller such as arduino! Fun way to learn electronics for all ages!