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CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings

Examples of CAD drawings that we make

Spare parts


Functional parts

We help you with our cad designers to draw up your idea in CAD (Computer aided design) and create the formats needed for, for example, CNC & 3D printing.
Contact us for a quote via the form below, or via email.

We can also quickly and cost effectively create your physical object using our 3D printers (Additive manufacturing)
Choose from 250+ different materials/colors for your item that we stock.
- If you wish to create the model yourself, we also sell 3D printers, filament and resin.
- If you need help choosing materials or equipment, we are here to help you.

See below for material selection and more information

Delivery time as agreed

Contact us for more info

Delivery time for additive manufacturing with our 3D printers is normally 1-10 working days

Available material types and properties

We stock over 100PCS of different materials and colors.

Our materials and prints can cope with the following:

* Design items
* Temperatures of up to 250 Degrees C
* Flameproof
* Resistance to chemicals
* Resistance to UV Light
* Withstands mechanical wear
* Flexible materials that can be bent
* Food safe materials
* Antibacterial materials for healthcare etc
* Certified materials for Aviation, vehicles & defense industry
* Molds etc

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  • Visual objects

    Aesthetically attractive items for interior decoration etc

    • Store interior
    • Consoles etc
    • Molds etc

  • Functional Models

    For various industries such as

    • Electronics (ESD-Safe materials)
    • Tools and spare parts
    • Gears etc. (resistant to mechanical wear)
    • 3D printing for outdoor use (UV-Resistant)

Our 3D prints can also replace metal for many applications

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