Collection: Arduino & Components

Bring your imagination to life and create automated projects with ease. With our selection of Arduino microcontrollers, sensors, cases and other components - you can make everything from robots to self-irrigation systems in no time!

Learn to program like a pro

With the help of arduino, you learn to program easily and fun. We have everything from basic Arduino microcontrollers and starter kits to complex sensors and transducers. Buy our sensors and shields and learn coding today!

Various starter packages with, for example, self-irrigation systems

Our Arduino starter kit comes complete with everything you need for an automated gardening project, for example. Get started in no time with our self watering system - perfect for busy people who don't have time to water plants every day! Control them easily with an arduino uno or arduino nano!

Do it yourself project at home

Bring automation into your home with a variety of DIY projects using products. From Internet of Things (IoT) applications to DC motors, we have all the components you need for your project!

Learn to program today! we have fast deliveries on arduino and all kinds of accessories.