Collection: Filament 3D printer

We have 3D filament for all different 3D printing needs. From hobby and industry to functional prototypes, we provide the perfect material for your 3D printer!

PETG & PLA Filament - Make it perfect

Our PLA filament ensures you get the perfect finish every time, that's why it's our most popular choice! With a variety of colors and textures, you can create almost anything with a perfect finish. PLA 3D filament is easy to print with and is the most common material on the market.

Materials for all applications

No matter what type of filament you're looking for, we've got it covered — from TPU flexible filaments to PEEK, one of the strongest 3D printer filaments on the market! If you need a certified material, we stock PEI (Ultem) filament, which is made from raw material from SABIC.

Superior 3D filaments for durable parts

If you need strong 3D prints, our 3D filaments are specially selected to produce strong and durable parts - regardless of the application! We have 3D printer filaments such as Nylon, carbon fiber filament, glass fiber filament, PEI and PEEK, which are used, for example, in the car, aviation and defense industries. 3DXtech filament is used by, for example, Tesla motors.

3D filament - unmatched quality

We offer the highest quality 3D filament available on the market today. Our range of materials includes PETG filament, TPU filament (flexible), Nylon (PA), PEEK, PEI, wood filament, ASA filament, carbon fiber reinforced filament, etc.!

Buy our materials and 3D Printer Sweden. We have all different 3D printer filaments in stock, we are located in Stockholm Norrort - 25 minutes from central Stockholm!