Collection: ABS Filament

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) filament is a common, strong and affordable material used in most applications on the market.
It is used in, for example, Lego, children's toys, games, cases, protective covers, etc.

ABS filament is more difficult to print than PLA and PETG but is at the same time an affordable and durable filament for many applications.

The material is suitable for use then

  • Durable and robust 3D printing
  • Still an easy and cheap material to print with, which works with many 3D printers on the market
  • Heat resistant up to 100 degrees
  • Brackets, Vases etc
  • Gears, withstands mechanical wear better than PLA and PETG.

To successfully print with ABS, we recommend

  1. A 3D printer with an enclosed build chamber
  2. An adhesive (Bed-Adhesive) that is applied to the 3D printer construction platform.
    See our products, for example from manufacturers such as Magigoo, Visionminer, 3Dlack etc

Other tips:
ABS cannot withstand acetone, by exposing a 3D print to the fumes from acetone, you can melt the surface layer and get a completely smooth and fine surface!