Collection: Mechanical parts for 3D Printers

We have parts for your 3D printers . From mechanical parts to building your own printer, we have it all!

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We offer a variety of mechanical parts for 3D printers , including motor couplings, pulleys, bowden tubes, trapezoidal screws, shoulders, ball bearings, GT2 tape, springs and extruder wheels - all at competitive prices.

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Discover everything you need to build the perfect 3D printer - from motor couplings to pulleys and bowden tubes, you can find it all in our store.

DIY projects made easy

Our selection of mechanical parts will make any DIY project a breeze. Whether you need trapezoidal screws, shoulders, ball bearings or GT2 tape - we have it all!

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Say goodbye to spending hours looking for the parts you need - with our selection of springs, extruder wheels and more, you can find it all in one place! We have fast deliveries