Collection: Support material

Support material is used for complex 3D printing where you do not have the opportunity to access and remove the support filament when the print is finished. The surface above the structure filament also becomes smoother because the support is water-soluble filament.

The most common support filaments on the market are

  • PVA filament (Polyvinyl Alcohol) which is a water-soluble filament
    Suitable for example for 3D printing with PLA, PETG
  • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is soluble in citrus thinner called d-Limonene
    Suitable for example for ABS, Nylon (PA) and others that need a higher temperature

We also offer special support filaments that work together with all different types of polymers, for example

  • BVOH, Butene-diol vinyl alcohol is also soluble in water
    Suitable for PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon (PA), ASA, TPU (Flexible materials) etc
  • Intamsys SP50XX - For industrial materials such as PEEK, PEI(Ultem) etc
  • 3DXtech Aquatek, water soluble for high temperature polymers as above

PVA filament settings - Use the same profile as for PLA filament
HIPS filament - Use the same profile as ABS filament, HIPS 3D filament can withstand higher temperatures than PVA