Collection: Flashforge 3D Printer

Flashforge has made its name known in recent years. One of their first machines, the Flashforge finder became very popular. In Sweden, Flashforge 3D printers were initially distributed by Clas Ohlson. Today, the range has been expanded with more high-quality 3D printers for industry and hobby use.

Something that we appreciate about 3D printers from Flashforge is that they come with many modern functions, excellent user-friendliness and very high build quality.

This applies to all models such as flashforge Adventurer 4, 3, Creator 3 and Creator 4 HT.

The following 3D printers are supported and perfectly suited for use together with filaments such as PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, Nylon and polycarbonate (pc)

In short, Flashforge makes great 3D printers with many great features that simplify workflows. The continued focus on mid-range products means that their printers are suitable for use for most purposes.

In their newest product series, we find 3d printers with wifi (camera monitoring and file upload), cloud support, IDEX extruders, high temperature hotends, etc.

Flashforge manufactures their products in China.