Collection: Fiberglass filament

Stronger and lighter 3D prints with the fiberglass filament!

Unmatched strength and stability

Our 3D printing filament with fiberglass is reinforced with 15-30% fiberglass, making it light yet very strong! It can withstand higher temperatures without compromising the quality of the 3D print.
For example, Fiberlogy nylon PA12+GF15 filament can withstand temperatures up to 170 °C, and has a stiffness of 3.6GPa

Industrial strength filament

Our high performance filament is designed for industrial applications, giving you the strength and reliability you need for professional results.

Ease of use & low shrinkage

Our Fiberglass 3D filaments have very low shrinkage so you can get the desired result in no time - without extra hassle.

High abrasion resistance

To ensure maximum performance and precision, our 3D filament has high abrasion resistance. When printing, we recommend you use a hardened nozzle or ruby ​​nozzle! It guarantees a perfect 3D printing experience every time!

Glass fiber reinforced 3D filaments are:

  • 10 times stiffer than normal filaments.
  • 20 times stronger than ordinary filaments.