Collection: Hard-Tough Resin

Introducing the next generation of 3D printing resin with eSUN Hard Tough Resin. Get prints that are stronger, tougher and more durable than ever before - perfect for prototyping and industrial applications.

Very durable materials

Print parts that withstand tough conditions with eSUN Hard Tough Resin. With excellent mechanical properties and high impact resistance, your prints will withstand tougher conditions

Drillable parts

Items printed with our hard reisn resin can be drilled - perfect for mechanical prototypes or products where extra strength is required. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities with SLS resin 3D materials and functional 3D printing!

High quality resin prints

We offer resin that gives excellent 3D printing results, giving you confidence in your creations. Get strong, durable parts quickly and easily.

Hard & Tough 3d printing resin can be used for mechanical applications such as gears etc