Collection: Intamsys 3D Printers and Filaments

Manufacturer and developer of Industrial 3D printers and high-performance filaments, also known as ultrapolymers.

With Intamsys' industrial 3D printer, you can easily and cheaply print in filaments such as PEEK, PEI(ultem), PA12-CF and more.

The company is very serious and spends more than 60% of its business on development. Intamsys focuses on developing several affordable industrial 3D printers of high quality such as Funmat HT Enhanced and Funmat PRO410, PRO 610. Now in the year 2023 a new 3D printer, PRO310, will be launched, pre-order the Intamsys pro310 with us today!

We recommend the Funmat HT for those who need a cheap PEEK 3D printer in desktop format!