Quotation and order of 3D printing (additive manufacturing)

We manufacture products to order using additive manufacturing.

How does it happen?

  1. Contact us by email or phone with
    - Description of the items you need to produce.
    - Specific requirements for heat resistance, resistance to chemical alkalis, etc
    - Requirements for tolerances
    - Is there today a CAD file in the formats .STEP, .OBJ, .STL to share? (If the model needs to be drawn or designed, we can help with that)

  2. We examine and give suggestions for materials according to the description above, and if a CAD file is available, we can provide a quote for the various materials. If necessary, sample material can be provided
    - If necessary, we will also give recommendations on design changes and optimizations we can work through together

  3. We will agree on the delivery time for the desired models, Larger models need longer time. We can also do post-processing of models as requested