About us

About 3Dpart Nordic AB

Our business idea

Our idea is to be your partner in 3d printing. We are a comprehensive partner that distributes products and offers services in the area.
We help you get started regardless of whether you want something printed or buy your own machines.

- 3 Prints and CAD - We help you make prototypes
- Education Intro courses, firmware, configurations etc
- Service & maintenance of 3D printers
- Repairs and upgrades of 3D printers

How we started

We started building 3d printers at the beginning of 2016. Soon we saw how the market grew and we decided to expand the business. In February 2020, we registered our business as a limited company, 3Dpart Nordic AB.

Information about us:

3Dpart Nordic AB
Runbyvägen 45
19444 Uppland's Väsby

Organization no 559242-0417
VAT NO SE559242041701
Office Stockholm
Bank transfer 5452-3659

FDM - "Fused Deposition Modeling"

Physical objects are created using 3D printers. The models are manufactured by building a thin layer at a time against a heated building platform (heated bed) and then build the object.
We can print in many different materials that suit your purpose, examples of materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, PC, Peek, TPU (flexible materials)

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