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Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module

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This Bluetooth module is designed to give you a reliable and easy-to-use connection between your Arduino/Raspberry and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

With its JDY-17 chip, it supports 1.8-3.3V, 8K bytes speed communication, 115200 baud rate, 3 working modes, serial port, IO, and more! Get ready to connect your projects using this Bluetooth 4.0, Arduino module!

Bluetooth 4.0 module for arduino/raspberry, Connects with 6 connectors.

More technical specifications:

JDY-16 Version supports(WeChat, APP, Android) Transparent, IO, RTC, PWM and other functions

1.BLE high speed transparent transmission supports 8K Bytes rate communication

2.Send and receive data without byte limit, support 115200 baud rate often send and receive data

3. Support 3 modes of work

4.Support(serial port, IO, APP) sleep wake up

5.Support Wechat Airsync, Wechat applet and APP communication

6. Support 4 channel IO port control

7.Support high precision RTC clock

8.Support PWM function(can be controlled by UART, IIC, APP, etc.)

9.Support UART and IIC communication mode, default to UART communication

Technical parameters:

1. Serial port transmission and reception without byte limit during transparent transmission

2. Effective communication distance within 80 meters

3. Working temperature: -40~+80°C

4. Communication rate 8k Bytes per second

5. Support UART and IIC communication mode

6. Working voltage: 1.8-3.3V

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