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Mechanical switch

Mechanical switch

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Mechanical switch is a module that is mounted as a "bumper" on the front of, for example, an RC car. The circuit cuts power when the power switch on top is pressed. It can also be used as, for example, an end stop for CNC machines and 3d printers. The color of the cables may vary.

Module Pin Description

  1. VCC: 3v-12v power supply
  2. GND: then the power ground
  3. OUT: high and low output


Module Description
1. The module installation forefront of collision,
the module output low, there is no collision, the
output high.
2.Module reserved M3 mounting holes for easy
fixing in a small car.
3.Module size: 2.5cm * 1.9cm.
4.with a light switch, there is a collision, lights, no
collision lights out.

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