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TPU Fiberflex 30D black

TPU Fiberflex 30D black

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Unleash your imagination and create endless possibilities with Fiberlogy's FIBERFLEX 30D - the ultimate rubber-like material for flexible 3D printing!

Fiberlogy 30D is a flexible Filament, with its reduced hardness up to 30D on the Shore scale and superior flexibility you can create durable, impact resistant parts that are highly resistant to thermal, chemical and abrasive wear.

Be creative and print tires, seals, belts and all kinds of elastic elements with this outstanding TPU filament - perfect for serious 3D printing enthusiasts!

Info: 30D is softer and somewhat more difficult to 3D print with than 40D filament

Fiberlogy TPU 3D printer filament is used, for example, for:

  • Rubber elements in machines that bend and flex with precision for a perfect fit.
  • Items such as phone cases, cases for watches, pulse counters, pedometers.
  • Models with moving parts, eg flexible hinges.
  • Toys become even more fun with 3D printing of tires and rubber figures.
  • Jewelery gets a unique twist with flexible bands, rubber bracelets

Technical specifications and 3D Printing settings:

Filament diameter: TPU Filament 1.75mm ± 0.02mm
Weight: 0.85KG (Packaging weight approx. 1.2kg)
Printing temperature 200 - 220 °C
Heating bed
50-70 °C
Part cooling fan 50-70%
Print speed <35mm/s
Flow rate 105-110%
Retraction speed 10-30mm/s
Build platform Glass, build roof, flexible, blue tape etc
Fastener for PLA 3Dlac , Magigoo , Strong glue stick
The dimensions of the spool ⌀mm , Center hole: ⌀mm
Drying time 4h at 60 °C
Data sheet TPU 30D TDS | TPU 30D SDS

Tip: To more easily remove the 3D print from the 3D printer's build platform, you can heat the heated bed to 110 °C

An easy-to-handle TPU 3D printer filament that gives excellent results, recommended to be used together with a direct drive 3D printer. If you have a bowden drive, start testing with Fiberlogy 40D TPU filament
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