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Uno R3 Arduino compatible

Uno R3 Arduino compatible

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One of the most famous microcontrollers on the market. Comes with arduino bootloader.
This Arduino Uno R3 compatible board supports many sensors and is perfect for labs and DIY projects.
Complete with additional sensors and accessories.

The card has:

  • I/O: 14 digital ports
  • Analog: 6 ports
  • 16 Mhz

CHIP: AtMega328
Digital I/O Digital input/output terminal, a total of 0 - 13.
Analog I/O Analog input/output terminal, a total of 0 - 5.
Input voltage: 5 v - 9 v dc voltage input.
Output voltage: DC 5V or DC 3.3

More info:

uno r3 ch340g me i2c uno a good arduino uno pack , uno r3ch340 , uno ic2c . You can power this arduino uno 3.3v and as arduino uno 5v. use the arduino uno r3 ide development environment for smooth transfer of code.

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