3Dlac - Makes 3D models stick!

How 3D printing with 3Dlac glue can revolutionize the 3D printing workflow

3D printing with 3Dlac glue on the build platform has the potential to revolutionize the 3D printing workflow. Use 3Dlac's latest formula and make your models stay on the build surface throughout the print, while avoiding wasting time and money on materials that are destroyed when the model detaches from the platform.

How do I use 3D-Lac?

The 3Dlac adhesive is applied to a build surface before starting a 3D printing job, allowing an even and consistent layer of material to be printed. It helps you avoid so-called "warping" and significantly increases adhesion during the first layer of 3D printing. It also helps reduce warping on the underside of the model, resulting in a better quality model.

3Dlac is primarily used in digital manufacturing processes, which are also called additive manufacturing, which enables faster production cycles and more efficient use of the 3D printers. With 3Dlac glue, the possibilities are endless, print complex structures today!

Step by step guide:

  1. If necessary, clean the build platform (with, for example, alcohol)
  2. Shake 3Dlac before use
  3. 3Dlac stick - Turn the container upside down and press the applicator against the build platform until the liquid comes out / 3Dlac 400ml / 3Dlac plus has a spray nozzle for easy application.
  4. Apply an even layer over the surface you will be attaching your print to
  5. After printing, wait until the build platform has cooled below 30 º C and then remove it. If it is tight, you can, for example, set the platform and the model in the fridge and it will release very easily

3Dlac - Spray bottle - Spray fixing agent

3Dlac bed adhesive for 3d printer3Dlac pro adhesive for 3d printers
New 3Dlac-Stick, ironed on the building surface.
3Dlac Stick adhesive for 3D printers

What types of building surfaces and materials does 3Dlac work with?

3Dlac can withstand temperatures of up to 100C, hence it is well suited for printing with 3D filaments such as PLA , PETG , ABS , PCTG , TPU etc.

Examples of building surfaces with 3Dlac:
- PEI/metal/Riveted build surfaces. 3Dlac Pro 100ml and 3Dlac 400Ml have a spray nozzle that makes it very easy to apply the fixative. Fits perfectly on ex Prusa I3 MK3S, siderwinder x2, creality 3d machines and more
- Glass building platforms, All 3Dlac products work perfectly. 3Dlac stick can be used with advantage on these substrates.
- Buildtak , Gives extra adhesion
- Flexible building plates

If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us!

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