Collection: Carbon fiber filament is Sweden's leading supplier of high-quality 3D carbon fiber filament, 3D printer filament, industrial filament and strong filament.

Create amazing prototypes with our advanced materials that are both light and strong.

Unmatched strength and durability

Our 3D carbon filament is engineered to provide superior tensile strength and robustness, ensuring your components stay intact for longer. With our filaments you can be sure of the quality and durability of your creations. 3D models printed with carbon fiber filament provide a rigid model.

The right material for the job

Our 3D printer filaments are the perfect choice for any application that requires lightweight components with superior strength and stiffness. Whether it's automotive or engineering, you can trust our filament to get the job done right!

Technical excellence

Our industrial 3D printing filaments are designed to meet all your prototyping needs with ease. Our PA12 + CF filaments offer unmatched engineering performance and are perfect for creating advanced prototypes with minimal effort.

Choose from several different materials such as PLA-CF, PETG-CF, PA-CF(Nylon-CF), PEI-CF, PEEK-CF, ABS-CF, PC-CF and more. We have fast deliveries!