Collection: Elegoo

Elegoo is a company that specializes in innovation in 3D printing technology. Their wide range of 3D printers caters to users of all levels and experience levels.

It gives users the ability to create with precision and reliability. Elegoo strives to deliver high-quality 3D printers at affordable prices and supports creativity and technological development. Their products combine advanced technology with user-friendly features to make 3D printing accessible to a wider audience, enabling hobbyists, educational institutions and businesses to realize their ideas and projects with impressive precision and detail

In recent years, they have mainly become very popular with their MSLA-Resin printers . among others for their models Elegoo Mars 3 & Saturn 2
Elegoo was also successful with their first FDM desktop printer, the Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro

We stock Elegoo machines, materials & spare parts. Elegoo spare parts will be added to our store shortly