Collection: Repairs and maintenance

We help you with repairs and maintenance of FDM 3d printers. For smaller printers, we have a lot of spare parts in stock.

We help you with

Prototype and product development

  • Do you have an ongoing or finished 3D design?

We create your design physically and provide consultation on updates to your 3D design to create the physical object in the best way. We also provide recommendations to adapt your design with the chosen production method (Additive manufacturing, CNC, die casting)

  • Do you have an idea without a 3D file to create your product?

We develop the product together with you, create the 3D files needed regardless of the production method.

Production of plastic products

No volume is too small.

  • We help you produce from 1 unit to mass production.
  • Secure your local production and flow with us
  • If you want to invest in your own 3D printer, we will help you with everything you need to get started.
  • Techniques we offer
    Additive manufacturing
    FDM (Filament)
    MSLA (Resin)
    SLS (Laser & powder technology)
    Injection molding

Manufacturing of specific spare parts

  • Are you looking for specific spare parts for discontinued products?

We help you recreate the part you need and choose the right material for the purpose.

  • Send us your broken part to get more of it.

    To create your spare part, a 3D file is needed, we create this by
    A/ Draw up your 3D model in CAD.
    B/ 3D scanning

Guidance on material selection

We help you choose the right material for you. Examples of popular choices are

  • PLA, is a cheap alternative that is hard, can withstand about 60C temperature. Perfect for prototyping
  • PP/TPU flexible materials that are bendable and very durable.
  • PA-12, Nylon, partly flexible, heat resistant, mechanically resistant, resistant to many chemicals. Available Fiber reinforced for extra rigidity.
  • PEEK / PEI9085, Certified high performance plastic materials. Withstands up to 300C, extremely stiff, impact resistant, durable
  • Flameproof materials
    UL94 certified materials for e.g. racing, aviation industry etc
  • ESD safe materials
    For electronics boxes, circuits etc


We work with most industries such as:

  • Vehicle
  • Electronics company & robot technology
  • Hospitals & schools
  • Entrepreneurs who need to create everything from 1 part to mass production
  • Architects
  • Designer & moulder
  • Build & home
  • Workshops that need fixtures, tools, etc

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