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How does a stepper motor driver work?

The stepper motor drivers are the core behind your machine's movements and translate digital signals into precise step/position for stepper motors. These drivers regulate current and voltage to ensure optimal motor performance while minimizing heat and power consumption. The most common motors are driven by 4 channels/conductors and are controlled via the electronic PWM technology.

Whether it's the quiet operations of the TMC2208 and TMC2209 or the robustness of the A4988, DRV8825, TB6560 and TB6560, each stepper motor driver in our collection has unique features tailored to different machine requirements. From micro-stepping for smoother movement to advanced protection mechanisms for motor safety, these drivers optimize your equipment's functionality

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Compare below different stepper motor driver types

Stepper Driver Microstepping Silent Operation Current Control Additional Features Motor Phase Current Input Voltage Logical Voltage Configuration
TMC2208 Up to 1/256 Yes StealthChop2 SpreadCycle, StallGuard 1.4A 5.5V - 36V 3.3V - 5V STEP/DIR
TMC2209 Up to 1/256 Yes StealthChop2 StallGuard, CoolStep 1.7A 4.75V - 29V 3.3V - 5V STEP/DIR
A4988 Up to 1/16 Noisy Fixed Off-Time N/A 1A 8V - 35V 5V STEP/DIR
DRV8825 Up to 1/32 Noisy Mixed Decay Adjustable current control 2.5A 8.2V - 45V 3.3V - 5V STEP/DIR
TMC2240 Up to 1/256 Yes StealthChop3 UART communication 6A 4.75V - 42V 3.3V - 5V UART
TMC2226 Up to 1/256 Yes StealthChop3 UART communication 2A 4.75V - 29V 3.3V - 5V UART
TMC5160 Up to 1/256 Yes StealthChop2 Programmable motion controller 3A 8V - 60V 3.3V - 5V STEP/DIR